I have always been interested in music and decided to enrol on the music production diploma. The schedule really suited me as I could only study during the evening or on Saturday’s due to work commitments. My tutor was talented and very inspiring and I really enjoyed my time at London AMP. Would recommend!

Having had experience of live sound I wanted to take my knowledge further. The music production diploma content was fascinating and the opportunity to use professional studios was a great experience. My tutors were great and the feedback and I received when I presented my projects was invaluable.

Sam testimonialThe course was really informative with a lot of detail and great support from my knowledgeable tutor. One of the highlights of the course was the freedom to use the studios outside of my lessons to work on my own material. I would highly recommend the sound engineering diploma to anyone looking for a path into working in a recording studio.

DJ course testimonial“As a beginner I wanted to know all the basics first before moving on to more advanced techniques and decided to learn on the Pioneer CDJ3000’s decks. My tutor showed me all the tips and tricks that makes a DJ set really stand out and I would certainly recommend the Club DJ Course to anyone that is serious about becoming a DJ.”

Music production beginnersI had a limited knowledge of production and wanted to fast track my learning with the music production beginners course. The course content was tailored to suit the type of music that interested me and my tutors were really patient and understanding. I think the course offers great value for money and would definitely recommend.

Music technology Diploma testimonialI started a music tech course at another college but left early to join London AMP. I learnt more in a few weeks here than I did in 3 months at my previous college so it was a great decision. The course was perfect for what I was looking to learn especially the sound design, synthesis and mixing and mastering topics. Big thanks to my tutor Jay!

music production testimonialI’ve DJ’ed a while I wanted to take the step into producing my own music. The music production diploma course taught me how to listen to music in a different way and although my main musical interest is electronic music I found the engineering element of the course fascinating. Lessons were tailored around my work rota which was great.

I enrolled on the mixing and mastering certificate as it provided the flexibility to attend both in person and remotely. My tutor was amazing and went beyond just teaching the course content including tips, tricks and general advice about music. The course has vastly improved my confidence in my mixing ability. Would highly recommend!