Taught by professional sound engineers, our courses will teach you the technical skills necessary for you to become a successful sound engineer too.

Whether you are taking your first steps in the Sound Engineering field or looking to enhance your existing skills, we have a range of courses to suit – from a 5 day Sound Engineering short course to a 6 month Sound Engineering diploma.

Music Technology and Production diploma

A 12 month part-time Music Technology and Production diploma containing three key modules; music production, sound engineering and songwriting techniques. For those looking for a comprehensive course, with the aim of entering the music industry workplace

Sound Engineering Diploma

An EDEXCEL approved 6 month part-time diploma for people looking to start a career in sound engineering and recording industry. Learn practical techniques necessary to become a competent and successful sound engineer.

Mixing and Mastering crash course

A one, two or three day mixing and mastering course, designed by engineers to teach you how to effectively use processors such as equalisers, gates, limiters, effects and compression to produce professional sounding mixes and masters.

Sound Engineering certificate

Gain a comprehensive and thorough overview of Sound Engineering techniques in 8 or 12 weeks with this EDEXCEL certified course.

The course was really informative with a lot of detail and great support from my knowledgeable tutor. One of the highlights of the course was the freedom to use the studios outside of my lessons to work on my own material. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a path into working in a recording studio.

Sound engineering diploma
Sam, London
Sound engineering diploma

Having had considerable experience in songwriting and production and was looking for a course that would take my mixing skills to the next level. The course has vastly improved my technical ability thanks to the expert training received from the tutor. Would certainly consider further training with London AMP.”

Mixing and mastering crash course
Jose, Spain
Mixing and mastering crash course

I choose this course to further my career options within the music industry. I’ve been composing for some time but wanted to combine the use of technology to improve the overall production quality of my work. The one to one format was great for me due to lack of pressure in classroom environment. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to purse a career in music.

Music Technology Diploma
Kayleigh, Kent
Music technology diploma