Deposits, course fees and installments
Course enrolment can only be reserved on receipt of the first instalment or full fee. Students paying via instalments must ensure the payments arrive at the due date, failure to do so can result in termination of the course.

Refund policy
Refunds will be given at the sole discretion of management. Course fees are refundable where London Academy of Music Production cancels the course.

Accept our strict class cancellation policy of communicating any non-attendance via telephone AND email a minimum of 48 hours before lesson/tutorial commencement. Failure to notify us within the 48 hours notice period will be classed as a ‘no show’ and the student will forfeit that particular lesson/tutorial. Non attendance for lessons/tutorials will result in additional tuition fees being due if the student has failed to meet the pass criteria for Pearson assured certificate courses.

Students withdrawing from the course for any reason will not have fees refunded. Non-attendance does not exclude student from payment of fees.

Where students fail to meet the pass criteria for Pearson assured courses they will be offered further bespoke training in order to successfully complete Pearson assured courses. This will result in additional tuition fees being due. The duration of the additional tuition will be agreed between the course leader and student once the original course has been completed.

Course completion
All one to one courses must be completed within 12 months from the course commencement date. Our music technology 12 month diploma must be completed within 18 months from the course commencement date.

Student Conduct
Students must treat all London Academy of Music staff members, studios/facilities and fellow students with due respect. London Academy of Music Production reserves the right to exclude any student whose conduct is deemed unacceptable with courses fees remaining payable.

Facility and studio use
The student acknowledges that during his/her use of the studio(s) available on the course he/she is responsible for ensuring no equipment in such studio(s) is damaged or stolen in direct or indirect result of an act or omission on his/hers part. Students are given use of studios/facilities within our usual opening hours. Practical times must be booked in advance to ensure availability

Students may bring guests onto the premises with the prior permission of the company management. The complete responsibility for any equipment being used by the student and guests rests with the student.

Course cancellations
Deposits are refundable where London Academy of Music Production cancels the course.

Student records
Student records are kept on file at the centre. These records include personal details and payment schedules.

London Academy of Music Production

i) Accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of students personal belongings or equipment.
ii) Reserve the right to refuse admission on the course at our sole discretion.
iii) Reserve the right to alter course dates and content without prior notice.
iv) Reserve to right to deliver our products, services and all courses at a location other than 2 Union Road Clapham London SW4 6JP at any stage during a students course but this location shall be is restricted to London public transport zones ONE, TWO or THREE.