We can significantly improve your ability as a Music Producer

Progress your Music Production skills to the next level. This exciting 8 week part-time music production intermediate course will guarantee student success in learning key advanced Music Production techniques such as synthesis, sound manipulation and mastering techniques.

“take your creativity to the next level!”

One to One learning environment

You have the option of taking the course on a one to one basis in person at our purpose-built recording and music production studios or from the comfort of your home using the latest online remote access software. With both options you are able to choose your own schedule. This is a practical ‘hands on’ course where you will be exposed to the very latest music production techniques during your course. This is a practical ‘hands on’ course where you will be exposed to the very latest advanced music production techniques, tips and tricks. This EDEXCEL approved music production intermediate level certificate course is perfect for those looking to study at home or in a central London location.

You can work on your own material concentrating on your specific style of music

During the course you will be encouraged to bring your own material into lessons where we can identify your strengths and weaknesses. As an example, your production and writing skills could be good but the overall mix sound might need improving

Choose your preferred music production software

You have the option of choosing your preferred music production package to work with for the duration of the course and can be Apple Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live or Pro Tools.

Choose your schedule and learn at a pace to suit you

This 2 month part time or 1 month full time course can be taken during weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings and even on Saturdays. It can also be fast tracked to 2 weeks if studied on an intensive accelerated learning basis.

Learn the latest mix and production techniques taught by professional producers

You will enhance the understanding that you already have of music production, by focusing on the diverse set of techniques necessary to fully flex your creative talents as a music producer. You will cover the following areas:

  • Signal flow, routing and monitor speaker placement
  • Vocal production, microphone placement and recording
  • Structured workflow practices
  • Synthesis and sound manipulation
  • Remixing techniques tips and tricks
  • Creative use of fx processors
  • Advanced mixing techniques
  • The art of mastering

Music production software and connections

  • Signal flow, patchbays and routing
  • Integrating audio interfaces and converters
  • Understanding correct use of pre amps
  • Microphone types and placements
  • Recording acoustic instruments and vocals
  • Creating monitor and headphone mixes

Advanced audio editing and manipulation

  • Advanced audio editing techniques
  • Creating radio mixes
  • Audio manipulation and processing
  • Advanced time-stretching techniques
  • Advanced sampling techniques
  • Compiling sound libraries

Music production techniques

  • Advanced song analysis
  • Creative use of synthesis
  • Remixing techniques, tips and tricks
  • Advanced sequencing and programming
  • Creating automated mixes
  • Software instrument creation and manipulation

Advanced mixing and mastering techniques

  • Separation, stereo imaging and placement
  • Using equalisers and filters
  • Understanding compression, gating and limiting
  • Creative use of delay, reverb and modulation effects
  • Using and understanding summing mixers
  • Mastering techniques

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One to One

Start date: One week after enrolment
Duration: 4 weeks full-time or 8 weeks part-time; any day



Features of One to One courses

Enrol anytime throughout the year – you could be starting your course within a week

You set the start date and subsequent classes – fit the course around your lifestyle

Pick your own study times – this can be mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends

Personalised weekly progress report – identifies strengths and weaknesses increasing productivity

Ability to accelerate the course – 8 week courses can be completed in as little as 2 weeks

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our courses, give us a ring on 0207 247 8800

Music Production course reviews

I did the course because I’m an artist and wanted to understand how to create a song from start to finish. I’d recommend London AMP because, for me the use of the studios at any time was helpful for my own projects and progressing with the course. I also think it’s very good for those that want to go into the business as it’s very practical and you come into contact with a lot of other musicians, producers and engineers to collaborate with in the future.

Anna, Music Technology Diploma

I started a music tech course at another college but left early to join London AMP. I learnt more in a few weeks here than I did in 3 months at my previous college so it was a great decision. The entire course was perfect for what I was looking to learn especially the sound design, synthesis, mixing and mastering topics. Would highly recommend and a big thanks to my tutor Jay for all his help!

Music Technology Student
Ollie, Music Technology Diploma

I had a limited knowledge of music production technology and wanted to fast track my learning. The course content was tailored to suit the type of music that interested me and my tutors were really patient and understanding. I think the course offers great value for money and would highly recommend.

Music production beginners
Jasmine, DevonMusic production beginners