Learn, understand and develop your songwriting techniques online

This EDEXCEL approved part-time songwriting course will give you a thorough and comprehensive training in composition techniques, giving you the skills you need to write and produce professional sounding songs.

You will understand and explore songwriting techniques from the initial idea stage to the final product, developing skills for composition in a variety of styles.

You can also use this course as an artist development programme where we will identify your strengths and weaknesses and tailor the course content to suit your creative requirements.

“Develop your songwriting skills from the initial stage to the final product”

Teaching environment

You have the option of being taught in our purpose-built recording and production studios or from the comfort of your home using the latest online remote access software. The tutor, content and class times are the same with both options. This is a practical ‘hands on’ course where you will be exposed to the very latest songwriting techniques, tips and tricks. This EDEXCEL approved certificate in songwriting is perfect for those looking to study at home or in a central London location.

You will learn

Get ‘real world’ practical experience of the recording environment

During the course you will be exposed to the ‘real world’ experiences of a production environment where you will write, produce and mix artists on course projects and assignments.

Practical tuition

You will receive practical hands-on tuition from day one by industry professionals who are talented, approachable and patient. You also have the freedom to take the course at your pace without the pressure of the classroom based environment

Learn to write and produce like the pros

The emphasis of this course is learn the techniques associated with composing professional sounding songs, recording vocal and mixing the final product.

This course can be taken on weekdays, evenings and even Saturdays and can be fast tracked if studied on an accelerated learning basis (4-6 weeks).

All aspects of songwriting and music production techniques, sound design and mixing are covered including the following topics:

  • Introduction with song analysis
  • Melodic and harmonic construction
  • Synthesis and sound design
  • Rhythm complexity, patterns and conventions
  • Soundscape textures
  • Form and structure
  • Genre specific composition
  • Mixing techniques

Songwriting introduction and DAW functionality

  • Songwriting ideas and resourcing
  • Integrating audio interfaces and controllers
  • Use of editors and arrange funtions
  • Improving workflow
  • Recording techniques for vocals, guitars
  • Audio editing and manipulation

Songwriting basics and DAW overview

  • Cross genre song analysis
  • Comparing composition techniques across repertoire
  • Using melody, harmony and rhythm to create ideas
  • Developing themes
  • Creating melodic material
  • Melodic structure

Harmonic construction and rhythm

  • Understanding key signatures and intervals
  • Understanding chord progressions, riffs and hooks
  • Bassline construction against melody
  • Time signatures
  • Rhythmic features to melody and harmony
  • Rhythmic complexity, patterns and construction

Texture, form and structure

  • Monophonic and polyphonic textures
  • Unison, streophonic and blending
  • Experimenting with soundscapes
  • Key forms, verses and chorus
  • Structural components
  • Melodic layers

Production techniques

  • Presenting song arrangement and compositional ideas
  • Synthesis and sound manipulation
  • Sound design and manipulation
  • Drum programming and editing techniques
  • Midi programming and editing
  • Layering techniques

Software mixing techniques

  • Modern mixing techniques
  • Stereo imaging and placement
  • Software mixing and workflow
  • Using of equalisers and filters
  • Understanding compression, gating and limiting
  • Creative use of delay, reverb and modulation effects

Songwriting development certificate timetable and fees

One to One

Start date: flexible

Duration: 4/6 weeks full time  8/12 weeks part time

£1,198 (4/8 weeks)

£1,798 (6/12 weeks)


Features of One to One courses

Enrol anytime throughout the year – you could be starting your course within a week

You set the start date and subsequent classes – fit the course around your lifestyle

Pick your own study times – this can be mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends

Personalised weekly progress report – identifies strengths and weaknesses increasing productivity

Ability to accelerate the course – 8 week courses can be completed in as little as 2 weeks

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our courses, give us a ring on 0207 247 8800

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