Advanced DJ course to take your DJ skills to a professional level

This comprehensive EDEXCEL approved advanced DJ certificate course is designed with intermediate level DJ’s in mind looking to advance their existing DJ skill set . You will receive practical hands on tuition from day one by professional DJs who are approachable and patient. You are also able to tailor the course content to suit your needs  and will receive a personalised weekly progress report/assessment that helps identify your strengths and weaknesses aiding you to successfully complete the course

“Learn to mix with traditional methods alongside the latest techniques with Macbooks”

Learning environment

You will be taught in our brand-new, purpose-built, air conditioned DJ studios and not a classroom. This is a practical ‘hands on’ course where you will be exposed to the very latest DJ performance equipment such as the new Pioneer CDJ-3000 multi player at all times during your course.

Improve your mixing ability

The advanced DJ course aims to vastly improve your existing ability to mix by introducing new DJ techniques and styles to enhance your DJ performance sets.

Learn to create remixes and improve your live performance

You will learn to remix and produce in your preferred style of music using Ableton which allows you to incorporate your own productions within your DJ performance sets. As this course is for people aiming to DJ professionally it has an emphasis on live performance, set planning and sound manipulation techniques.

Event promotion and marketing

This advanced DJ course is also useful if you are considering running your own club nights with advice given on event promotion, marketing and building a fan base.

Choose your schedule and learn at a pace to suit you

This 8 week part time or 4 week full time DJ course can be taken during weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings and even on Saturdays. It is possible to fast track the course to 2 weeks if studied on an intensive accelerated learning basis. The advanced aspects of DJing, mix creation, live performance and remix production are covered during this advanced certificate:

Course overview and what you will learn

Advanced DJ techniques

  • Understanding professional club PA systems/sound reinforcement
  • Configuration and setup of “club” systems
  • In-depth use of equalizers including subtractive techniques
  • Advanced use of effects
  • Optimizing mixes based on song structure & genre
  • Harmonic mixing Techniques in real-time

Advanced mixing techniques

  • Optimizing mixes based on song structure & genre
  • Integrating external equipment
  • Split-cue monitoring
  • Advanced use of Mixed In Key software
  • Introduction to Ableton as a performance tool
  • Introduction to the principles of sound & acoustics

Set planning, Capture and Mastering

  • Impact mixes
  • Set development and progression
  • Cross genre mixing and BPM development
  • Recording mediums, live sets
  • Mastering for streaming platforms
  • DJ promotion and establishing a fan base

Live Performance with Ableton

Book your place on the Advanced DJ certificate

One to One

Start date: Usually one week after enrolment
Duration: 4 weeks full-time or 8 weeks part-time; any day




Enrol anytime throughout the year – you could be starting your course within a week

You set the start date and subsequent classes – fit the course around your lifestyle

Pick your own study times – this can be mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends

Learn in a real world environment – studio based practical classes with all courses

Unrivalled course content flexibility – tailor the course content to suit your ability level

Call us on 0207 247 8800 and one of our course advisors will be happy to help
DJ Course reviews

I took the DJ crash course with the objective of generally knowing what decks did. I’d picked up odd bits of info from youtube tutorials but being at London AMP gave me a really solid foundation to play at house parties or consider going professional. The facilities were great and they have the new Pioneer CDJ3000’s which were amazing and I gained a good knowledge of what tech to go and buy afterwards. I would definitely recommend London AMP, they were brilliant.

Tasha DJ crash course
Tasha, DJ crash course

“As I’ve been playing out regularly for the past 5 years I wasn’t sure what more I could learn. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge Chris has on DJ production and he has really opened up my eyes to the creative possibilities for DJs… cheers Chris!”

Paul improved his understanding of song structures
Kevin, LondonAdvanced DJ certificate

“I needed an overview of DJing and decided to enrol on this course as the course structure seemed perfect for me. The tutor was really patient and had a great knowledge of all styles of music. Taking the one-to-one option worked for me as I could stop the course and ask questions at anytime. Thanks a lot for all your help.”

Billie, LondonDJ Skills Crash Course