Learn to use Ableton Live in just a few days

Immerse yourself in a transformative music production experience with our comprehensive in depth Ableton Live Crash Course. This intensive programme is tailor-made for aspiring producers, musicians, and electronic music enthusiasts who are ready to fast-track their understanding of Ableton Live and unleash their creative potential. Over the span of two or three dynamic days, you’ll dive deep into the intricacies of Ableton Live from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, guided by our industry professional tutors.

“this course includes the option to include Push 2 training “

One to One learning environment

You have the option of taking the course on a one to one basis in person at our purpose-built recording and production studios or remotely online using the latest remote access software. You can also combine both options and switch between the two at anytime.

This practical hands-on course is designed to guarantee your success in learning how to produce with Ableton Live and perfect for those looking to study outside of a classroom based environment either at home or in a central London location.

What equipment to buy for a home set up

Our Ableton Live course is particularly suitable for people who are thinking of purchasing a home studio or a music computer for the first time, as our tutors can offer informed and impartial advice that will help you choose the best combination to suit your budget.

Choose your schedule and learn at a pace to suit you

This Ableton Live crash course can be taken during weekday mornings, afternoons or evenings. You choose the study dates/times and can be taken on consecutive days or over a longer period

Learn to produce songs in your preferred musical style

During the course you go through the subjects necessary to use Ableton Live in an efficient and productive manner. The overall objective of the course is to enable the student to produce songs in their preferred musical style, using the tools within Ableton covering the following areas:

Introduction to Ableton Live tools and functions

  • Session View and Arrangement View workflows
  • Browser, info View, and efficient management
  • Configure audio/MIDI settings for optimal performance
  • Grasp fundamental editing tools and techniques
  • Utilise warp modes for precise timing & pitch adjustments
  • Quantisation and groove features for rhythm enhancement

Audio and MIDI techniques

  • Audio manipulation and creative sampling techniques
  • Creating unique sounds with instruments and effects
  • Principles of harmonic and rhythmic sound design
  • MIDI programming for melodies, harmonies and rhythms
  • Creative arrangement techniques to transform songs
  • Tempo changes, key modulation, and structural variations

Mixing and controller integration

  • Introduction to mixing and signal processing
  • Build effective audio effect chains for enhancing tracks
  • Using dynamic processors such as EQ and compressors
  • Creative use of delay, reverb and modulation effects
  • Creating balance and depth in your mixes
  • Push controller integration

Book your place on the Ableton Live course

One to One

Start date: Usually 3 days after enrolment

Duration: 1, 2 or 3 days; any day

£198 – £598


Small Group

Start date: Call for date availability
Duration: 2 days, 11am – 5pm; weekends only



Features of One to One courses

Enrol anytime throughout the year – you could be starting your course within a week

You set the start date and subsequent classes – fit the course around your lifestyle

Pick your own study times – this can be mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends

Personalised weekly progress report – identifies strengths and weaknesses increasing productivity

Ability to accelerate the course – 8 week courses can be completed in as little as 2 weeks

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our courses, give us a ring on 0207 247 8800

Music software course reviews

“I took this 2 day course with the objective of using Logic to produce my own music. The course structure was superb! It was great to be taught by a knowledgeable tutor who guided me with patience. I was also advised on exactly what equipment I need for a home set up which was worth the course fee alone. Many thanks for all your help London AMP!.”

Mateen, LondonLogic X Crash Course